What do I value as a designer? 

  • Stories. They are sugar coats to deliver abstract ideas and complicated concepts. Human experiences are the switch for us to pay attention, feel, and empathize.
  • Collaboration. It is our beloved PMs and engineers' hard work that turns our cute pixels into actual products.
  • Constraints. From the legendary lighting of black-and-white movies to the talking sound of Animal Crossing. Great work comes out of the relentless battle between creativity and constraints.
  • Iteration and Growth Mindset. The ultimate truth of digital product lies in iterations. The first version just never works.
  • Typography. Math, air, and space... Aesthetic is all about being able to control, right?
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I play very mediocre drums

Great works that I admire. 

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Is there a German word for 'cloud looks like snow mountain' ?

Fun Fact about my name. 

薴(ning) is a substance called Limonene. It is the smell when you peel a citrus fruit
丹(dan) is a traditional pigment called cinnabar/朱砂. It's bright orange-red(vermillion) color is a symbol of auspiciousness in our culture.

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laser cut acrylic name card 

Beyond design, I find meanings in... 

  • Watching sunset
  • Reading everything about food
  • Writing blogs
  • Watching cat sleep
  • Drawing faces